Cambridge Public School

Principal's Desk

" Education consists not only of securing marks or grades and receiving degrees but lies in the overall personality development of the students. Our school, therefore, lays equal emphasis on both scholastic and co-scholastic fields. Thus, apart from helping students gain knowledge, we also try to develop in them a sense of discipline, punctuality, tolerance and understanding and inculcate values such as leadership qualities, sense of duty and responsibility. Our motto is "Transforming Potentiality into Reality". As such, we constantly endeavour to provide a conducive environment in the school which is warm, caring, and friendly and at the same time stimulating which will help the students to grow up and face the challenges of the increasingly competitive world. Together, we can take our school to new heights and help shape the future of our young and talented students so that they can serve their motherland and humanity in general. We look forward to welcoming your child to Cambridge Public School. "

Inculcating values by making it mandatory for students to learn to respect their seniors and love their juniors. Our objective is to give you back a child who is knowledgeable and competent, fit and alert, responsible and sensible, capable of achieving a high level of personal happiness as well as contributing to the family, the society and the nation at large.



Our mission is to provide young minds a kind of platform which could result in their overall development as an individual. School is not just about coming to class and attending those 5-7 periods. We want to teach them about the most important thing and that is "life". We want to inculcate them with values and ethics and enhance their academics, social and sporting skills.



CPS envisages an institution that imparts holistic education to boys and girls to become responsible citizens of their motherland, India. It assists the young people to develop themselves intellectually, physically and culturally while encouraging them to grow holistically on totality of body, mind and spirit in virtue and wisdom.